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Home Automation

Robotics - Arduino UNO 3 for Kids, Kids will program the Arduino to control Home lights, AC/Fan and temperature, Programming Arduino C++ for kids is possible

Arduino Smart Car

Arduino Smart Car, Robot Car Chassis Kit with Speed Encoder Wheels and Battery Box for Arduino DIY, Intelligent and Educational Toy Car Robotic Kit for Kids

Chemistry Day

Science Chemical Day

Kids Drawing

Projects will examine human and animal anatomy, still life, landscape, fantasy & monsters, art history and graphic design,

Play As You Learn

Unleash Abilities

Gives the child a choice about what he or she wants to do....

Enjoy !

Feels fun and enjoyable for the child. Teach skills for academic success, including organization, time management....

Being Smart

Evolves spontaneously, rather than giving kids a script to follow....


Is driven by intrinsic motivation about what the child wants to do....


We believe that children learn in different ways and to support this we provide a rich and varied learning environment ....


Creates a risk-free environment where kids can experiment and try new ideas....

Having Fun while Learning!

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